I am currently on sabbatical and will resume my work in September. This is some of what I've been up to so far :)

Welcome to LonePine

I am an educator within Higher Education with a passion for digital technology,  working with students; innovative and engaging pedagogy, and teaching a creative and collaborative business -orientated approach to sustainability and socio-environmental justice.

I coach all sorts of people as individuals and business teams for personal development and leadership.

I'm a keen outdoors-woman and I love bringing folk with me on journeys into the wilds, and teaching the bushcraft and natural history needed to appreciate and flourish when exploring off the beaten path.

 I can't imagine a world without nature, wild places and human and biological diversity -  in everything I do my aim is to deepen our connection with and understanding of the natural world, ourselves and others-  so that preserving it (and all of us) becomes intuitive, self-evident and of the utmost importance.   

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"When you have a taste for exceptional people, you always tend to meet them everywhere.... "

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