Welcome to LonePine

I am an Educator and Educational developer with a passion for experiential and dialogic teaching. 

I'm a keen outdoors-woman and I love bringing folk with me on journeys into the wilds, and teaching the bushcraft and natural history needed to appreciate and flourish when exploring off the beaten path.

I offer consultancy, coaching and facilitation in education and personal development. To all work I bring my humanity, my curiosity and sense of fun; my education, business, leadership and coaching experience and expertise; and my support, intuition and challenge.

I was on sabbatical spring/ summer 2022 and am now resuming my work in September. This is some of what I was up to during my sabbatical, and some of the exceptional people I was lucky enough to meet and share the journey with. As well as travelling further afield I have especially enjoyed exploring our lovely nearby wild places :)

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"When you have a taste for exceptional people, you always tend to meet them everywhere.... "

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