I work in Educational Development and teach on an internal PGCHE/ FHEA programme at Oxford Brookes Centre for Academic Enhancement and Development.  I am excited to be working in HE today, and recognize this time as being pivotal for HE.

I trained formally in teaching doing my PGCE and MEd at Cambridge, my FHEA at Brookes and my SFHEA at Imperial. I and have worked in different HE institutions in the UK and abroad (including Oxford, Cambridge and Imperial) but have a breadth of knowledge including mainstream schools, outdoor education centers, and in the Education Faculty for emergency medical and rescue teams.

specialize in dialogic and experiential teaching; Assessments for learning in digital environments; Academic integrity in digital environments, Ensuring parity of the student experience in digital environments, and Groupwork.

Originally a theoretical ecologist by training I have specialized in teaching sustainability for business students and environmental decision making. I co-convened the Business and environment option on the MSc Environmental Technology at Imperial college and worked on the teaching leadership team that took the department through to implementing the College-wide curriculum review in October 2019, and then through the COVID crisis. During this time I sat on Faculty committees including the 'Electronic Learning and Implementation Group' (ELIG), and on the IC President's cross-college working group looking at innovative approaches to learning and teaching during COVID.

I bring a bridging role to education settings - linking what is possible technically to what is needed pedagogically- and where there were gaps attempting to find solutions for them.  I keep the students' experience and also the needs and pressures of of teaching staff front and center in all that I do.

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