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Mid-October 2021 update: I have just started in a new role as a Senior Learning Designer in the Faculty of Engineering also at Imperial. Instead of 27 modules in one single department to redesign as at the Centre for Environmental Policy,  in the Faculty of Engineering we have 1900 Modules across 10 departments- and a couple of MOOCs! And most of my day to day teaching will be to academics. So it's going to be full throttle ahead and a very interesting challenge :)  so watch this space.


I have been working as a Senior Teaching Fellow in the Centre for Environmental Policy (CEP) at Imperial College for almost 4 years now. I was recruited to help take the department through the Curriculum review process, modularisation of the curriculum and then implementing those changes within the department. That was in addition to teaching, lecturing and convening on options and modules, and dealing with students on a daily, hands on basis.

I teach Sustainability and Indicators as tools for decision making to Business students, and collaborative competencies, leadership, and followership at MSc level. The practitioner route of Teaching Fellow at Imperial straddles Learning Technology (LT) and pedagogy, so much if not most of my work over the past 4 years has been to bridge between Learning Technology and Academics.

In particular I have been instrumental in selecting and pushing technology to provide the solutions we need for teaching and marking, often that has included finding workarounds, training academic staff in how to use the new technology, and running “strawmen” projects where I use technology to address a problem academics have identified and create a pilot project that can then be handed over to ICT or others for wider rollout across the faculty or College.

I am a theoretical evolutionary ecologist by training – so my entire career has been technical and digital and has essentially been shaped and reshaped by the personal computers and programmes available at any time.

In my professional career outside academia I have always worked at the edge of what is possible in technology: Throughout there has been a push to move from traditional paper to coordinated, quality assured, streamlined and online working , and throughout my career I have been in a bridging role, shaping and leading the projects by ensuring communication between the technical programmers and the academics/politicians/ scientists/ economists.

It has been interesting to realise that this bridging role is the one I also had at Imperial College when working on curriculum review and transformation- linking what was possible technically to what was needed pedagogically- and where there were gaps attempting to find solutions for them.

I have a background in teaching both at HE and mainstream schools, and in outdoor education, specialising in dialogic and experiential / immersion teaching, and coaching.

I have Qualified teacher status, PGCE (STEM), MEd (Cambs), FHEA and SFHEA and am applying for CMALT.

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