The lone pine is a Bristlecone pine ...

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An old tree, a Bristlecone Pine,  was 4,862 years old when it was cut down (by mistake)...  I named my company Lone Pine as a reminder of the inherent fragility of all life. 

To  become deeply aware of the present is to become acutely aware of what the responsibilities of living as a human being on planet earth at this time in our history might entail for each one of us.

Business and the private sector have a unique role to play in that unfolding human history:  the COVID 19 vaccine development is a testament to that.

My coaching and my work in education both seek to create successful leaders who look beyond themselves and take responsibility for what they see.

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"I met Louise Rickard during an advanced training for wilderness guides in the US, where she impressed me with her already profound background and knowledge in coaching, team training and wilderness seminars. During that training, I had many opportunities to witness her ability to lead, organize, reflect and interpret; shortly, to keep people safe physically, mentally and emotionally, and to support them during their personal development. Louise is a highly skilled, motivated, and responsible wilderness guide."      Volker

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