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The lone pine is a Bristlecone pine ...

An old tree, a Bristlecone Pine,  was 4,862 years old when it was cut down (by mistake)...  I named my company Lone Pine as a reminder of the inherent fragility of all life. 

I was brought up in three languages- my early experience of nature like mostly everything else was very obviously tempered by the different cultures, experiences and perspectives of the speaker at any particular time-  but they all passed on to me a love of, a curiosity of, and a strong connection with the nature all around. I grew up in Sweden before the availability of too much technology so there was a lot of pristine nature to play in, eat from, and lose myself in.

I now try to pass on others that sense of richness and love of nature- because what we don't love we most likely won't protect, and what we don't have language or words for- are things we won't even know we've lost...

I am a theoretical evolutionary ecologist by training, and I've worked in international environmental policy for many years. I am now a coach, outdoor educator and university teaching fellow teaching about environment, sustainability, ethics and corporate responsibility to business and engineering students.

I am a volunteer Lowland Rescue search team leader and pre-hospital medic in my local area and  I lead bushcraft days, expeditions and wilderness quests whenever I can.


Deryn Holland is a highly experienced coach and educator. She specializes in working across cultures and countries. her linked in profile is here

Stephen Bushell is a very knowledgeable Jungian analyst and psychotherapist  link

Pippa Soundy is a minister in the Anglican tradition  link

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"I met Louise Rickard during an advanced training for wilderness guides in the US, where she impressed me with her already profound background and knowledge in coaching, team training and wilderness seminars. During that training, I had many opportunities to witness her ability to lead, organize, reflect and interpret; shortly, to keep people safe physically, mentally and emotionally, and to support them during their personal development. Louise is a highly skilled, motivated, and responsible wilderness guide."      Volker

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