About Lone Pine - Lonepine

The lone pine is a Bristlecone pine ...

At 4,767 years old it is probably the world's oldest known living tree. It lives in the Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest in the White Mountains of Eastern California. An older tree, which was 4,862 years old when it was cut down, was (by mistake) felled by students in 1964.

The single Lone Pine that remains therefore symbolises the stark beauty and ancient wisdom of the natural world juxtaposed with its fragility. I've named my business Lone Pine to have, and strive to be, a constant reminder of this story.

The world we live in is becoming increasingly complex: it is 

(i) changing rapidly (globalisation, technology, individualism...)
(ii) increasingly difficult to manage and steer (multi-actor society) and
(iii) its problems are more persistent (complex, uncertain, high risks, multiple stakeholders)

To tackle these problems we need creative, responsible individuals with the will, vision  and the leadership abilities to go for and make the changes that are needed in the world actually happen.

So I work to support individuals, leaders and visionaries - courageous people from all walks of life who will go on to shape the future by taking hold of what is important to them and making changes in their own lives, and in the lives of those in their communities, and the world. 

I am a theoretical evolutionary ecologist by training, and I've worked in international environmental policy for many years. I am now a teaching fellow at several UK universities teaching about environment, sustainability, ethics and corporate responsibility to business students. I am a volunteer search and rescue team leader and pre-hospital medic in my local area and for fun I lead bushcraft days, expeditions and wilderness quests.


Deryn Holland is a highly experienced coach and educator. She specializes in working across cultures and countries. her linked in profile is here

Stephen Bushell is a very knowledgeable Jungian analyst and psychotherapist  link

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"I met Louise Rickard during an advanced training for wilderness guides in the US, where she impressed me with her already profound background and knowledge in coaching, team training and wilderness seminars. During that training, I had many opportunities to witness her ability to lead, organize, reflect and interpret; shortly, to keep people safe physically, mentally and emotionally, and to support them during their personal development. Louise is a highly skilled, motivated, and responsible wilderness guide."      Volker

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