Most Christians, he told me, think they should not be thinking about the environment because their attention should always be focused upwards. They have been taught that anything that takes their attention downwards, so the earth, the environment and even their bodies, is not really properly Christian.

In a world that is facing serious environmental threats many Christians are therefore modelling an everyday message of not-caring for the environment, which is a position and a message that I find is morally wrong. 

It is also totally unnecessary to avoid environmental issues: Christianity can and does have enough space within it to be a powerful force for environmental good. Pope Francis, Patriarch Bartholomew, the Archbishop of Canterbury and many other church leaders have now firmly stepped out to lead the Christian churches towards a new understanding of the environment. But it is taking time for this message to trickle down to the grass roots, and in some cases like climate change, time is the one thing we no longer have....

Can Christians do environmental activism- full paper

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