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There are times when I feel immensely proud. Meeting 90 of my old students on Friday was one such time- truly an honour and so humbling- what amazing paths they are forging! They are stepping up and making a difference- shaping what sustainability is and will be- for all of us. In fashion, utilities, airtravel, mining, renewables, AI, remote sensing, agriculture food, NGOs , industry manufacturing and finance... as entrepeneurs and business creatives, directors, consultants, advisors and heads of sustainability....  

It's such an honour  and a joy to have played a part in shaping their journeys. They tell me "I use what you taught us everyday" "I remember that lecture"  "my thesis landed me the job- thanks for supervising me and helping to make it happen". 

They are the students who graduated untouched by covid, and also those who successfully  weathered the challenges and uncertainties of the past two years. There are even those I interviewed but have not been teaching who enjoyed the interview, thanked me for the opportunity and expressed such disappointment that I am not teaching them now.

I am specially happy to hear from all those who say they learned how to work in teams from me- that they now realise my key message - that doing sustainability in a world of complexity, uncertainty and conflicting changing priorities, of high stakes and hard values, and in a crowded world of 7 bn people - isn't ever going to be a solo game.

My cup runneth over - truly.

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