The start of a long shift

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So grateful to have such lovely patient colleagues. It's astonishing how little I knew -I  even had to ask a bemused A&E nurse the way back to my ambulance after getting lost going to the staff loo!

I learned so much - and probably the main thing was to make sure to not leave your stretcher in the A&E department in another town while you drive back to HQ... I opened the back to get the kit out and check it back in- and there was a lot of space in the back. Such a spacious vehicle! Well reality slowly dawned... Luckily it was still there in the A&E corridor...

And the elusive Flat 6 - there were so many flat 6s in that postcode- and one of them was actually waiting for another ambulance!

And twelve hours - that's an astonishing length of time. I can't remember the last time I did any one thing for twelve hours! How is asking our NHS to work for this length of time even remotely acceptable in this day and age? what happened to 8:8:8?

Did it put me off? A bit actually as the pros and cons are skewed very sharply towards the cons:

For pros all I have is a sense to doing good, of being useful in society.

For cons there are long hours, minimum pay, very real likelihood of getting injured or assaulted, spending hours driving, no proper food breaks. and that's before you factor in the huge amounts of real clinical responsibility for patients' wellbeing and survival.

Will I do some more shifts- yes almost certainly!

The end of a long shift

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