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Sometimes an unexpected piece of feedback jolts us awake.

As feedback goes this leaves out some things that are generally considered essential parts of feedback - like specific examples- because feedback is always only another's perspective rather than a universal truth. Having examples and specifics allows the recipient to better understand that perspective.  

Small children need to be taught emotions - they feel them but they usually express everything as either sad or happy until they learn the labels for more nuanced emotions.  The "happier" here in this statement is interesting therefore- it's quite a complex comparative statement and does not mention sad.

The writer here is only very small but little humans see us - and sometimes what they see is  this type of interaction "where are your shoes?" , "don't leave your coat on the floor", "you need to be dressed in 5 minutes because we HAVE to go" . So sometimes it's useful to remember that they are independent people and that we really don't know what they know and see and interpret of the world around them. 

Unless we talk to them. Unless we ask them.

(and maybe also ask ourselves when did they last see us relaxed and at play, doing something we love to do?)

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