I help people succeed by bringing out the best of who they are in how they work, live - and lead 

Underpinning my work is the belief that: 

- leaders are needed now more than ever- when individuals,  organisations, and communities flourish then so does the world

- that individuals in business and organisations can find creative solutions to current and future societal and environmental challenges

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Lone Pine provides leadership and development coaching for personal and professional success.

I have been coaching for almost 15 years and have well in the thousands of coaching hours. I am a qualified professional coach and a member of the Association for Coaching. I started coaching leaders back in 2008 because I was inspired by meting John P Milton and Oren Lyons in the summer of 2008 @Tallberg in Sweden. Their advice was to be sure to work with leaders and children, and I've since made a career from doing both- I have worked in environmental and sustainability education for over a decade, focussing on teaching especially the top students who will be the global business and community leaders of tomorrow; and I work with business and community leaders through my coaching work and workshops.

In my coaching I combine a depth of care with creative psychological insight and a practical and existential outlook. I have a very flexible coaching style and work with clients in a co-created coaching session, drawing on a variety of coaching techniques, which I tailor to the client and situation.

I aim to raise self-awareness and enable personal development in clients by working to re-frame and re-think inter-personal situations, existential issues, conflicts, limiting beliefs and obstacles.

I take a scholarly and evidence-based approach to my work which enables clients to increase their self-understanding, interpersonal-understanding, personal assertiveness, performance and effectiveness.

I work experientially and dialogically and I bring to coaching conversations my humanity, my curiosity and sense of fun; my business, leadership and coaching experience and expertise; and my support, intuition and challenge.

Ultimately I teach clients the tools they need to become the authentic leaders they want to be - in their personal life as well as in work, and I remain available for supportive dialogue as they realise those aspirations within their organisations or communities.

My typical client? I'm not sure there is one! I have worked successfully with people who are leaders and directors, entrepreneurs, engineers, many emergency services staff and even more business folk; with administrators, lawyers, students, sports people, poets, priests, academics, doctors, teachers and stay-at-home parents. I have even worked with a professional dressage jockey.

The people I coach tend to be high-performing self-starters, are either in or moving into leadership roles, most are relatively "thinky" and almost all are concerned in a wider sense about the world and their place in it- and feeling strongly that they want to take some responsibility for the the world beyond themselves - but I look forward to being surprised!

Whoever and wherever you are I will meet you where you're at right now- and we'll start from there...

I look forward to meeting you

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