Lone Pine provides leadership and development coaching for personal and professional success.

I am especially involved and interested also in coaching around existential issues associated with the eco-crisis and climate change, including compassionate action and non-violent activism.

I also coach on all sorts of issues to do with life and work: I have been coaching in private practice for almost 15 years and have well in the thousands of coaching hours.

In my coaching I combine a depth of care with creative psychological insight and a practical outlook.

My clients take a wonderful variety of life journeys, and having coached for many years now I know that while each person's journey and situation is wholly unique, that there are also patterns and similarities in the journeys and choices that different people make in their lives and careers.

I work experientially and dialogically and I bring to coaching conversations my humanity, my curiosity and sense of fun; my life and coaching experience and expertise; and my support, intuition and challenge.

My typical client? I'm not sure there is one! I have worked successfully with people who are leaders and directors, entrepreneurs, engineers, emergency services staff, business people, administrators, lawyers, students, sports people, poets, priests, academics, doctors, teachers and stay-at-home parents.

Almost all the people I coach are self-starters, thinky, and concerned about the world and their place in it;

Whoever you are I will meet you where you're at right now- and we'll start from there...

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