Privacy & GDPR

At Lone Pine we take your privacy very seriously and have done for as long as we have been trading. We welcome the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) as a means of empowering everyone to better understand how and where their personal data is used and kept.

The key work we undertake at Lone Pine, coaching and personal/ professional development workshops has always been protected by a code of ethics that includes absolute confidentiality. We do take notes from sessions and are required to do so in accordance with best practice and professional development guidelines. However those notes are kept in hard copy and are entirely anonymised- ie. each client is allocated a code and there are no client identifiers within the notes. The majority of the notes are handwritten in a reflective and reflexive format and are context independent. The general  situation may be discussed with the coach supervisor as needed , but again these discussions are context independent, anonymised and relate to reflections on a situation by the coach. They are also bound by confidentiality. This is standard practice and Lone pine adheres to the Association for Coaching's code of ethics (link) for best practice in these matters. Lone Pine will often follow up with clients by email in between sessions, perhaps to share reading material for further work. Lone Pine will remain discrete and would also urge the client to consider what information they chose to send via email. No other social media are used with clients, although occasionally a text message may be used to establish a change in meeting logistics or similar.

Meeting the GDPR compliance means being explicit about what data we keep, how we keep it and for how long, and what we do with it. 

Lone Pine will retain testimonials, for marketing purposes. 

For workshops involving multiple persons, the most of the same rules apply and in addition Lone Pine will run the workshop such that everyone is aware of  the need for confidentiality and the entire workshop is usually run under Chatham house rules

If you require further information, or with to discuss any of any of this further,  then please ask.

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