Coaching pathways and FAQ

I OFFER TWO COACHING PATHWAYS for individuals: please use the booking system to arrange a time

FAST TRACK ROUTE Clients sometimes want to get to grips with an issue here and now so they can move on. Most clients decide to come to coaching after having exhausted their normal mechanisms for deciding what to do: This session therefore aims to reformulate and reframe your issue so that it can be resolved, and that means thinking about, and radically challenging, your thinking. The approach is rooted in the discipline of critical thinking, and draws on conflict transformation (Lederarch) and "The Work" (Katie) to achieve results in a very short space of time. Expect to be challenged!

TRADITIONAL ROUTE In the first coaching session we scope out your issue, address any questions you may have about what to expect, check out the chemistry, and start work. This route has been tried and tested with hundreds of clients, and we will normally meet regularly for between 3 and 6 months. This route can include coach/ counselling and or deeper existential issues. There will be plenty of Aha! moments!

I OFFER Two COACHING PATHWAYS for Groups: Please contact me direct to arrange a time.

TEAM COACHING Effective teamwork is a skill that can be learned and practiced- like any other. I will observe you working together - and tell you what I see. I will work with you to iron out problems and bolster effectiveness. We will take a deep dive into your team's dynamics, tasks, values, goals, roles and relationships. We will also consider stakeholders, communications, adaptability and resilience.

TEAM RE-PROFILING Who are your teammates - do you know? how can you best work together? who are the leaders, the followers, the thinkers, the doers? who are the loyal sceptics, the perfectionists, the creatives and the epicureans? How will you communicate, and when?

Post COVID-19

    - what needs repairing / changing? What needs sharing /shoring up? What lies ahead? "Business as usual" or "new business - definitely not usual"


The booking system is online and automatic - so you are in control- and you pay securely online using STRIPE (a bit like like paypal) - so its very simple to use- you can book, pay and if your diary changes, you can also cancel or reschedule online at the click of a button (up to 36 h before the sessions starts).


INDIVIDUALS £75, Students £45; UK Lowland Rescue Personnel £45

TEAMS (of up to 7) £500 per session;

I can offer subsidied rates for others in need of financial assistance - ask.

NOTE: While I work with people on all kinds of coaching and deeper coach/counselling issues - I am a primarily a coach and so my rule of thumb is that clients do have to be functioning and operational on a day to day level, otherwise support pathways other than coaching may be more appropriate in the first instance. I am happy to discuss whether coaching would be right for you at this time.

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