Coaching pathways and FAQ

I OFFER coaching provision for individuals and organisations: Please contact me direct to arrange a conversation


Coaching will be tailored into a programme to suit you.

TEAM COACHING Effective teamwork is a skill that can be learned and practiced- like any other. I will observe you working together - and tell you what I see. I will work with you to iron out problems and bolster effectiveness. We will take a deep dive into your team's dynamics, tasks, values, goals, roles and relationships. We will also consider stakeholders, communications, adaptability and resilience.

TEAM RE-PROFILING Who are your teammates - do you know? how can you best work together? who are the leaders, the followers, the thinkers, the doers? who are the loyal sceptics, the perfectionists, the creatives and the epicureans? How will you communicate, and when?

Post re-organisation / hybrid working / COVID there may also be a piece of work needed to ask

    - What needs repairing / changing? What needs sharing / shoring up? What lies ahead?


For individuals I offer 1 hour coaching on a self chosen payment scale of £55- £85 -£100. For teams it depends on the nature of the work and the number of people - please contact me.
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