How I work - Lonepine


Everyone is different - so my aim is to provide a range of options so that you can choose what will best suit your availability and your issue.

Clients sign up for a number of sessions per month- between 1 and 4- just like a gym membership. The cost is around £50 per hour depending what package you choose

Unlike other coaches who change fees for each client I am very transparent about fees and all my private clients are charged the same.

AND I also work on a slding scale
: If money is a barrier for you (unemployed, student) then we can speak about that and find a cost per session that you can afford; and obviously if you are able to pay slightly more then that will in turn help me to offer coaching sessions at a lower price to someone else who needs help.

Sessions are face-to-face or more often via video-call as clients tend to find it easier to fit into their schedules.

The booking system is online and automatic - so you are in control- and you pay securely online via a monthly payment using STRIPE (a bit like like paypal) - so its very simple to use- you can book, pay and if your diary changes, you can even cancel or reschedule online at the click of a button.

Corporate clients (when someone else pays for you) are charged on a different scale to reflect the tripartite relationship (client, coach, organisation) and the need for more tailored coaching to also fit in with the organisation's needs.

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