It can be hard to know where to turn with  the big questions and doubts that  sometimes arise in life.

 As a coach I am used to speaking with people about the deeper more existential aspects of life. I speak with people from all faiths and none.

People speak with me about seeking purpose and meaning; about the vast and sometimes paralysing freedom they feel and about how to make decisions;  about life and death; how their relationship with their own soul, or perhaps with the Divine, is playing out in their career and their life;  about difficult, happy or changing times - or worry about the state of the world or the climate crisis.

If you want to talk to someone you can come and speak with me  - book an initial coaching session and we'll take it from there                    

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I am trained in wilderness-therapy and  existential coaching; as well as the Ignatian tradition and the Church of England , and I work mostly with non-denominational, non-religious spiritual frameworks..

I am a leader of council, of peace and conflict transformation processes, and I have extensive experience of guiding meditation, prayer, mindfulness/awareness, and nature work with people of all faiths and none.  


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