It can be hard to know where to turn with  the big questions and doubts that  sometimes arise in life.

 As a coach I am used to speaking with people about the deeper more existential aspects of life. I speak with people from all faiths and none.

People speak with me about seeking purpose and meaning; about the vast and sometimes paralysing freedom they feel and about how to make decisions;  about life and death; how their relationship with their own soul, or perhaps with the Divine, is playing out in their career and their life;  about difficult, happy or changing times - or worry about the state of the world or the climate crisis.

If you want to talk to someone you can come and speak with me  - book an initial coaching session and we'll take it from there                    

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I am trained in wilderness-therapy and  existential coaching; and grounded in the Ignatian tradition and the Church of England. I work with non-denominational, non-religious spiritual frameworks and stories, and Ecumenical liberal Christian frameworks and stories.   

I am a leader of council, of peace and conflict transformation processes, and I have extensive experience of guiding meditation, prayer, mindfulness/awareness, and nature work with people of all faiths and none

I run workshops open to all who want to explore authentic spirituality and nature connection.


These are some testimonials from this side of my work:

‘The members of our four churches and two church schools thoroughly enjoyed the day, learned a good deal about their village environment and were encouraged to link the countryside around them with the spiritual aspects of worship, reverence and prayer’. David Burgess, Vicar

"Thanks so much for Monday evening I thought you led it very well – just the right balance between encouraging us to explore and giving us options to go at our own pace. Lovely evening. Thanks." Tim Stead, Vicar

"Thank you so much for your presence and guiding role on Saturday. You anchored the day beautifully. We felt truly blessed." Steve G

"Tack för din insats för oss denna höst. För mig har den varit ovärderlig" ("Thanks for your input (with my team) this fall for me its been invaluable") Church pastor,  London

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