"Many thanks for your reply and the link. Really appreciated. The role in the ad is a perfect fit and I am impressed how you managed to find this. Thank you! I will apply and see what happens." (Jan 2022)

"Tack för din insats för oss denna höst. För mig har den varit ovärderlig." (thank you for your input (to my team) this Autumn. For me it has been priceless.) (Dec 2020)

"There has been a sort of directness, and genuineness and immediacy of contact in all my interactions with you, Louise, that I’ve really enjoyed and valued – almost that you have a quality of presence that draws something out of me that I really like!"

"As for feedback ... well, I suppose the main thing to say is that you helped me decide to do a PhD. So this is a major thing and I still think it is amazing that you helped me make that breakthrough when I had been struggling with hesitancy for several years, having spoken to several careers coaches in the past. I can't remember exact techniques which I thought did or didn't work (bad memory), but I remember what particularly helped was a session when you asked me about previous research I had done and about my research interests in Romania, etc. It really helped to wake me up. Lastly I appreciated that you understood what the situation might be like for woman of my age with my parents' situation. You gave me lots of practical ideas, like studying part time. So I started at ......last week" ( client 2017)

Hi Louise, Just to let you know I have been successful in my application to start a PhD at xxx in January 2018. Thank you for your encouragement and support. 

"Thank you very much for the best 45 min coaching of my life! ""Thank you for giving feedbacks on how my CV is read and proposing different forms of making the most of it. However, more than improving a CV is a clear and efficient way of channelling my efforts to define where I am going! "

"Dear Louise, I finally made it!!! and in Cambridge...Thank you very much for your help and support.."

"I'm pleased to say that after having my interview last Monday I got a call from the HoD yesterday offering me the position of lecturer at the School of Design Engineering here at xxx"

"Hello Louise, On the second attempt I got a lectureship at IC. Thanks for your help."

"I just want to thank you for your help during the preparation of my Marie Curie fellowship proposal. Your comments, advice, and feedback strengthened my proposal. Yesterday I received news from the EU that my project has been funded, with a mark of 97.2 out of 100. Thanks a lot again for your assistance. "

"Hi Louise, Thanks so much for yesterdays meeting, it was great ! "

"A great coach with the courage to hold the silences and question minimally."

Untitled photo

"There has been a sort of directness, and genuineness and immediacy of contact in all my interactions with you, Louise, that I’ve really enjoyed and valued – almost that you have a quality of presence that draws something out of me that I really like!"

"The tone of your work, the level of your (and his) interest and frequency of question and answer suggests this is a very useful experience for him. He moves between the landscapes of action and identity" (supervisor 2010)

"The reason for my seeking coaching was in regards to change of career direction and getting a job that was fulfilling. Louise is easy to talk to and has a genuine desire to help. She gave me the space I needed to work things out with her gentle guidance. In one session, I came out with more than what I was hoping to get from the session as I had a chance to figure out an issue that was totally unrelated to career/work/job. But I later discovered that, this was something I had to address in order to move forward. And that is exactly what Louise helped me do. She helped me realise something I had not even realised was an issue and was stopping me from moving forward"

"I came to Louise in a place of uncertainty and with some anxiety about where my life was going, and even where I wanted it to go. I walked away from the session feeling calmer and clearer about my next steps. Louise is a great support and guide, helping me in the process of tuning into my inner world in order to carve my perfect place in the outer world". 

"I had the pleasure of being coached by Louise. Right away I noticed her ability to create a safe, calm atmosphere while moving me forward towards a creative thinking. A thinking that helped me see solutions and windows that weren't there before. Louise is gifted with an intuition and listening skills that are very rare. Her direct and yet not pacing communication led to a plan that challenged me and kept me accountable. It was great coaching!"

"Louise is an excellent coach. I particularly enjoyed the option to "talk & walk" -- conversations have a completely different flow when you're active and especially in such beautiful surroundings! We had only a few sessions, but they have been of great value and enabled me to make a number of important decisions concerning my career. I can highly recommend Louise to anyone who can use a solid sounding board at any point in their career." 

"Hi Louise, Just a quick note to say thank you very much for the coaching session we had the other day, it really did help to clear up some uncertainties in my mind regarding the direction of my career path. I had the inteview with xxxxxx and it was very positive. The lady there is superb and really understands how much I enjoy the work I do and the fact that it has a 'real' purpose. With that in mind, she practically told me to do a third year in teaching and become a Head teacher but to be safe in the knowledge that I would always have a job with her if available. I do not think I could ask for more and finally my head is content with staying in teaching next year! Thank you once again for your help and ears." 

" I said a bit of a thank you in my spontaneous text outburst, but now I need to say something more considered ....THANK YOU!!!! Louise, you are an amazing person. We both feel deeply touched by your care, thought, enormous generosity of time and spirit, and amazing creativity. Your actions help to remind me of the truth of the path - they feel like sparkler messages from a more profound reality, shedding light, gaiety and beauty, and helping me to keep faith with what I know is true, good and right. Thank you for your gifts in all their guises." 

"I benefited greatly from my coaching with Louise. Louise’s helpful questioning and non-judgmental tone enabled me to come to the sessions without clear goals but use the sessions to work out what was important to me and explore and make sense of wider spiritual and strategic questions. Louise helped me grapple with issues in a way that was liberating and constructive and I am very grateful for this."

 "The entire experience has been enlightening and I wish to thank you for your time and the help you provided" "

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