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I am fuelled by a fiery love for the nature and creatures of this planet that mirror the fierce and beautiful deeps of our own souls better than anything else I know;

I offer wilderness and nature based work for personal development, in the UK and Sweden.

I use the term wilderness quest to cover what is sometimes referred to elsewhere as vision quests, vision fasts  or sitting out: What is described by all these terms is a transformative pathway that leads to serving the world in daily life - contemplation in action - and it starts with the here and now, the ground beneath our feet.

Contemplation in action means adopting a meditative stance toward the world and living a handshake between life and prayer.

It all starts by stepping outside...

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"It is so easy to never stop to reflect on what is happening. The location was so beautiful and I really got a lot out of having time to breathe and wander and make the most of the long day - watching the sun set and rise... Although it hadn't been front of my mind I needed a moment to think about what was happening as big things shifted in my life."  (Participant UK Short Wilderness quest June 2017)

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