- A great coach with the courage to hold the silences and question minimally. Anonymous, UK

- You were very honest with me –at a time when I needed it the most. Anonymous, UK

- There has been a sort of directness, and genuineness and immediacy of contact in all my interactions with you, Louise, that I’ve really enjoyed and valued – almost that you have a quality of presence that draws something out of me that I really like! Anonymous, London.

- I must thank you for teaching me how it feels to be truly heard and understood. I treasure that moment for me the person and for me the coach. Anonymous, UK

I very much enjoyed the walking & talking last week – it was good exercise! I very much like being outdoors and find that literally seeing new horizons helps thinking outside your usual framework. Besides that, the sights were simply gorgeous, which left me wonderfully refreshed.Anonymous UK, 2015.

- The entire experience has been enlightening and I wish to thank you for your time and the help you provided. London 2014

- Thank you very much for the best 45 min coaching of my life! Thank you for giving feedbacks on how my CV is read and proposing different forms of making the most of it. However, more than improving a CV is a clear and efficient way of channelling my efforts to define where I am going! Merry Christmas, London December 2014

- Dear Louise, I finally made it!!! and in Cambridge, which is Oxford's son. Thank you very much for your help and support. 2015

- I pleased to say that after having my interview last Monday I got a call from the HoD yesterday offering me the position of lecturer at the School of Design Engineering here at xxx. London 2014

- Hello Louise, On the second attempt I got a lectureship at IC. Thanks for your help. 2014

- Dear Louise, This is to let you know that my application was successful. Thank you very much for your help to prepare for the interview. 2015

- Thank you for help to prepare for the interview! The mock interview was extremely valuable! I don’t know if I will get the fellowship, but to the best of my opinion I performed well yesterday.2014

-Thanks for a wonderful afternoon in the woods. I thought it was hugely successful and just the best start we could have hoped for!    Rev'd P. S. Hilltop Benefice, Wendover, 2015

- Louise came through on another family event that The Conservation Volunteers asked her to provide. She explained the principles of shelter building very clearly and getting the children to make various shelters (from very simple to more complicated) really made them understand the process. Building the actual shelters was great fun. Parents and children were continually involved and remained enthusiastic throughout the day. It went really well. Thanks, Louise!     Feb 2015, TCV Community Project Officer

-Thanks for such a wonderful evening! I could have stayed out there all night, contrary to my anticipation of being soaking and frozen. It was powerful stuff moving to touch base with my heartland again...Thank you! 2015

- Such a good session in the woods (another one!) - valuable, thought provoking, nourishing. 2014

- I met Louise Rickard during an advanced training for wilderness guides in the US, where she impressed me with her already profound background and knowledge in coaching, team training and wilderness seminars. During that training, I had many opportunities to witness her ability to lead, organize, reflect and interpret; shortly, to keep people safe physically, mentally and emotionally, and to support them during their personal development. Louise is a highly skilled, motivated, and responsible wilderness guide.  Volker, Summer 2010 

- Hope all is well. My seminar at Leeds last week went ok and I have been invited for an interview next week Wednesday. I have the list of questions which you gave me at our first meeting and it has been quite useful. If you have any other tips, they would be much appreciated. Many thanks for all your help. 2015

- You conducted a mock interview session for my interview for a research scientist position at xxx Research, Cambridge in November.... Thanks a whole lot for the session. It really helped since I was able to be a lot more confident and composed during the real interview. Please keep up the good work. January 2015

- I just want to thank you for your help during the preparation of my Marie Curie fellowship proposal. Your comments, advice, and feedback strengthened my proposal. Yesterday I received news from the EU that my project has been funded, with a mark of 97.2 out of 100. Thanks a lot again for your assistance. February 2015

- Just writing to thank you again for arranging the mock interview for me this week... and to let you know that I got the job! They decided unusually fast, reaching a decision less than an hour after the last of the five candidates were interviewed. London 2015

- I had my CV checked by you a few weeks ago. This email is to let you know that all went well and I was offered the job. 2014

- A quick note to say that my meeting with Louise yesterday was not only useful, but I, also, felt more confident about my job search afterwards.2014

- I attended a number of coaching sessions with Louise. The reason for my seeking coaching was in regards to change of career direction and getting a job that was fulfilling. Louise is easy to talk to and has a genuine desire to help. She gave me the space I needed to work things out with her gentle guidance. In one session, I came out with more than what I was hoping to get from the session as I had a chance to figure out an issue that was totally unrelated to career/work/job. But I later discovered that, this was something I had to address in order to move forward. And that is exactly what Louise helped me do. She helped me realise something I had not even realised was an issue and was stopping me from moving forward. I am now doing a job I am happy with an opportunity to learn and grow as a person. My immense thank you goes to Louise for the coaching I received from her. MT Buckinghamshire, December 2013

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